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About Us
Did you know that 1 in 4 teens who begin using substances before the age of 18 become addicted as an adult? Are YOU willing to take that chance?

It is the desire of New Journey SDG and 836 Ministries to offer a private, professional alternative for substance abuse to the adolescent population. We provide a comprehensive approach that brings together the best of spiritual principles, modern medical practices, and professional counseling services. We understand what a difficult time this can be, and our goal is to help adolescents get the help they need to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

As an affiliate of 836 Ministries and Coastal Recovery Center, we look forward to reaching the next generation through New Journey SDG with a continued focus on client care and family health.  We offer a relational approach to our patients and their families, emulating the importance of the spiritual component of health and well being. We emphasize family focused treatment that addresses the worry and fear for a teen that is at risk or engaging in risky behavior. Ultimately, our services are created to reach the family need as much as the adolescents.

Who Do We Treat?

We treat adolescents who are struggling with and/or vulnerable to substance abuse and other risky behaviors who are 12 to 17 years of age.


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Our Services (Medical and Counseling)

"So if the Son set you free, you will be free indeed."     (John 8:36)

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Outpatient Medical Detoxification: Detoxification from substances can be uncomfortable, even life threatening. This alternative is cost effective in comparison to other options and allows you to stay at home and start therapy concurrently.


Medical Evaluation: Medical evaluations are thorough, taking into account every aspect of how the body is being or has been affected by addiction, as well as other mental health issues.


Clinical Psychosocial Assessments: This includes historical background as well as current personal accounts. Things such as hobbies and relationships will be some subjects discussed.
                **Our assessments include drug and alcohol, as well as other behavioral addictions.**


Group Treatment: Structured weekly services consisting of three, 2 hour sessions.


Individual and Family Services: These services are always available as recommended or where needs are identified.