"So if the Son set you free, you will be free indeed."     (John 8:36)

Out-Patient Medical Managed Detoxification - Detoxification from substances can be life threatening and uncomfortable without medical assistance. We medically detox and treat most people for acute withdrawals on an outpatient basis, including substances such as Opioids/Opiates (Pain Pills, Heroin, replacement or maintenance therapies such as Methadone/Suboxone, etc.), Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan, etc.), Alcohol, Cocaine and other Central Nervous System Stimulates, Marijuana, as well as others.  We provide an alternative that is extremely cost effective in comparison to some other options, allows you to stay at home, and you can start therapy concurrently all at the same time and place.  In some cases medical detoxification may necessitate a higher, more intense level of care.  We also medically manage withdrawal symptoms for other addictive behaviors.  That's right, other addictive compulsive behaviors can have significant withdrawal symptoms to include restlessness, irritability, sleep disturbances, obsessing and/or ruminating thoughts, etc.    

What are the requirements:  All potential candidates are required to have a full Psychosocial Assessment and Medical Assessment prior to being given a detox regiment.  All medical detoxifications are under the primary care of a Coastal Recovery Center physician (unless otherwise approved).  All individuals detoxed will be engaged in the primary counseling care of our therapist during acute detox and stabilization (up to two + months). Other medical and counseling concerns and questions can be discussed further with our professionals.  No medication distribution or "dosing" happens at our treatment center.  Contact us today for a consult.

Hospitalization Medical Detoxification:  This is where you stay in a hospital setting.  It can cost thousands a day (lasting 4-10 days) while being away from home and family.  It is usually followed by counseling therapy at a different facility and medical and psychiatric follow-up/referrals.  The transition from hospital detox to counseling therapy can be a vulnerable and anxious time.  It usually requires new intake paperwork, new orientation, sometimes a new assessment, new environment, new people, etc.  Most out-patient counselors and counseling centers do not have a medical doctor.  This requires the patient to follow up with another physician at a different place, taking another history, and more medical appointments for common stabilization period needs.  The logistic issues in coordinating care with the counseling and medical teams can be colossal and convoluted at best.  Coastal Recovery Center does work with people that have been detoxed somewhere else and are referred to us as a follow-up for outpatient treatment and ongoing medical needs.   

Replacement or Maintenance Therapies:  Other options may consist of daily, weekly, or monthly trips to receive "doses" or "injections" of Rx medications and take months to years of "dosing down".  In this process the cost of the medication alone can be hundreds of dollars a month, not including all of the follow-up medical visits for your daily, weekly, monthly Rx.  Most of these alternatives postpone physiological withdrawal symptoms, as long as you continue to take them.  

Alternative medical options NOT offered here:

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